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November 5, 2018

Monday Morning Quarterback Marketing Digest. Tomorrow is a special day, we all get to vote! So, I want to suspend my usual blog and encourage everyone to vote! And don’t let polls influence you. You simply can’t trust polls, but you can trust voters. Here’s a few things you should know about polls:

• Polls are a snapshot in time – the way people feel at that particular moment. Things can change quickly – in fact, they can change within minutes before voting.

• Randomness is the key to polling and it is not easy. Are you getting a good sample? Today, that is very tough. A lot of younger people are rarely at home. Few people have land lines anymore. Plus, people are wary of callers who may be trying to sell them something. Our experience shows that only 10-20% of people will now respond to phone surveys. That is why we and others are using more online panels (like our Survey for Good).

• Respondents tend to think of a poll as a quiz. So, they want to give the right answer. They want to support social norms. For example, back in 2012, Gallup asks people if they would vote for a well-qualified candidate for President who happens to be a woman, 95% said yes. But would they? What the poll actually revealed was that people know what the social norms are: don’t endorse prejudice. In the same poll, 68% said they would vote for a gay or lesbian.

Yes, polling can be tricky. That’s why people ask for our help all the time.

One last thought, newspaper media endorsement (newspapers, TV, radio) usually don’t change people’s vote. According to research, they reinforce the opinions you have for a candidate or measure.

Have a great week and vote! Then, on Wednesday, be kind and gracious to others – no matter who won. If you voted, you showed up and that makes you special.



October 22, 2018

Monday Morning Quarterback Marketing Digest. Here are some marketing and research thoughts for the week. Email me ( if you need more info on any subject.

HOW TO SAVE 80% ON ADVERTISING – Joining with other companies in a cooperative (coop) ad is a great way to expand your share of a market for less money. Having developed hundreds of programs over the years, we have found that you can save up to 80% in media costs. This week we released our 2019 cooperative advertising programs. If you would like a copy, let me know.

STILL A VAST WASTE LAND – On an average day, 79% of Americans aged 15 or older watch television as a primary activity–meaning their main activity at the time. The percentage who watch television is lowest among 15-to-19-year-olds (73%) and highest among people aged 65 or older (89%). These facts come from a Bureau of Labor Statistics’ analysis of the American Time Use Survey. For many, watching television is a solitary activity. Forty-eight percent of television time is spent alone.

WELL, IT IS NOT FOR EVERYONE – It is hard to stand out in tourism marketing. I know. I have had the pleasure of working with numerous tourism groups. That’s why I love Nebraska’s new sales pitch: “Nebraska. Honestly, it’s not for everyone.” State tourism director John Ricks says that because Nebraska consistently ranks as the least likely state that tourists plan to visit, the marketing campaign needed to be different. One of their new TV spots shows a boy peering through oversized glasses into the camera. Then comes a voice: “Nebraska is kind of like that odd kid. Didn’t say much in school. Slightly peculiar maybe. But when you took the time to get to know him, turned out he was pretty interesting.” Bravo Nebraska. Heck, you even won a football game last week!

WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF? – In honor of Halloween, we took a quick look at a 2018 Chapman University Survey of American Fears. This year as in past years, the number one fear — mentioned by the largest share of the public — is fear of corrupt government officials. But the percentage of Americans who say government corruption scares them has climbed, rising from 61% to 74% between 2016 and 2018.

Top 10 fears of 2018 (percent saying they are afraid)

1. Corrupt government officials: 74%
2. Pollution of oceans rivers, and lakes: 62%
3. Pollution of drinking water: 61%
4. Not enough money for the future: 57%
5. Someone you love will become seriously ill: 57%
6. People you love dying: 56%
7. Air pollution: 55%
8. Extinction of plant and animal species: 54%
9. Global warming and climate change: 53%
10. High medical bills: 53%

OLDER PEOPLE STILL CONTROL THE BALLOT BOX – If you live in Oregon, you should have your ballot and are ready to send it in (I love Oregon’s Vote by Mail System). If you need mid-term voting motivation, a very recent PEW poll reveals that Republican and Democratic voters differ widely in views of problems facing the United States. So, if you want your view of the world to prevail, vote! Also, if you want to stop letting seniors and baby-boomers run your world, encourage someone younger than you to vote! Here’s the percentage of people that voted in 2016:

People 65+ – 85%
People 64 to 45 – 62%
People 44 to 30 – 40%
People 29 to 18 – 30%

Until next week, enjoy a beautiful Fall week.