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February 3, 2015

Well, the game was certainly more entertaining than the commercials. I liked the Budweiser puppy spot. They really have developed this horse and puppy thing into a great Americana campaign, even if they are now owned by Belgian-Brazilian beer giant InBev. As for the other spots, I think most people are talking about Pete Carroll’s stupidest call in Super Bowl history than this year’s commercials. (120 million people watched the last two minutes of the game).

McDonald’s, which just fired their CEO (probably because he approved this spot), tried to explain that they will randomly selected customers to pay for their orders as an act of love. I thought it was an ad for Apple Pay! You know you in trouble when your best marketing idea is to randomly give your product away.

Nationwide Insurance scowled us for being bad parents and told us that the world is full of preventable accidents. Thanks, so why do I need insurance? I will just be more careful. Flo, where are you when we need you? Coca-Cola’s spot for positivity in the face of negativity was a great message, but it sure seemed to me a bit pompous. Come on, you are a soft drink!

Talk about taking yourself too seriously, Carnival Cruises’ spot included a voiceover by John F. Kennedy and really stunning visuals. But I still thought about the Costa Concordia wreck and people getting sick on a ship.

Nissan, returning to the Super Bowl after 18 years, wasted its money with a spot I found hard to follow. It had absolutely nothing to do with their product. How do you balance being a race car driver with family and raising a son? Yep, that makes me want to go out and buy a Nissan. Toyota’s spot starred Paralympic medalist Amy Purdy snowboarding and dancing. Visually it was great. But again, sure wouldn’t make me buy a car.

OK, that’s enough. Here’s the takeaway if you are in marketing: why is everyone forgetting that the idea of a commercial is to promote the benefits of your product?  Ok, I realize I might just be hopelessly out of touch. For example, I would have preferred a half-time show featuring people who can actually sing more than three notes (off-key).