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April 6, 2017

If you want to be a successful marketer today, your website must be transactional based. Consumer online sales will pass $500 billion by 2020. That means that you need to sell something using shopping cart software.

But most shoppers visit a website to do something other than buy, like browsing, product comparison, query research and more. Jack Loechner, Editor of The Center for Media Research’s daily Research Brief, recently shared some interesting research facts reported by Internet Retailer. Businesses focusing on transactions often miss other key engagement opportunities, notes the report. Some key findings:

  • 92% of consumers visiting your website for the first time will do something other than make a purchase.
  • 98% of shoppers have been stopped an online purchase because of incomplete or incorrect content, with 32% of consumers being dissuaded every time.
  • 35% of shoppers feel companies do a poor or very poor job of customizing online shopping, with only 7% believing that companies do it well.
  • Across all products and services, online shoppers list desktop or laptop as their preferred to access your website. But, smartphones and tablets are quickly growing in popularity. A quarter of consumers use a mobile device very often when shopping online, compared to 23% who use desktops.

Percentage of consumers who shop online for the following products/services

Personal entertainment: 85%
Apparel: 85%
Travel: 82%
Digital products: 79%
Entertainment: 74%
Paying a utility bill: 74%
Electronics: 71%
Home/furnishings: 64%

POWERSHIFT MARKETING TAKEAWAY: You need to constantly make sure that your website offers an easy and simple way to purchase your product or service on all platforms (desktop, laptop, smartphones, and tablets). For example, recently we worked with a firm to research their website. After we presented our findings, they made changes to their website to make it easier to navigate and buy. Their sales increased dramatically and they didn’t spend a dime more on marketing.