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July 24, 2016

One of the marketing principles in my book POWERSHIFT MARKETING is that most people do not have a favorite product. Brand loyalty is pretty well dead especially with younger consumers. Most people today pick the least objectionable product. Think about how you watch TV. Using your remote, you click-through 200+ channels and when you find nothing you want to watch, you don’t turn off the TV. You simply select the least objectionable program.

This is very much where we are with this year’s presidential election. All polls show that the majority of Americans (59% or more) have an unfavorable view of Trump and Hillary. Even more people believe they are both untrustworthy. So, will voters just turn off the TV and not vote? I suspect that the majority of the 57.5% of eligible voters that vote (2012 data from the Center for the Study of the American Electorate) will reluctantly choose one of the two leading candidates.

Why is this important to small business marketing? Because you gain a tremendous marketing advantages if you are not the least objectionable product or service. That is why it is critical to make sure your potential customer have a favorable opinion of you. How do you do this?

Do not act like a presidential candidate. Our research and other studies we’ve reviewed show that people want to purchase products/services that are trustworthy, honest, do not over promise, and our transparent (what you see is what you get). Every month we conduct studies for our clients to make sure that these values are driving their brand.  It is unfortunately that one of the best brand marketers (Trump) and one of the worst (Hillary) have not learned more about the basics of real marketing.