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July 23, 2018

Monday Morning Quarterback Marketing Digest. Here are some marketing and research thoughts for this week. Email me ( if you need more info on any subject.

FALL COOPERATIVE PROGRAMS – Just another reminder that we are now recruiting for our Fall cooperative marketing programs. For the firms that have joined us, thank you. If you are interested in saving up to 90% on your media expense by sharing these costs with like-minded businesses, contact me. I will send you a fact sheet.

WHEN IS A POLL, NOT A POLL? – Political Blogger Peter Sage is reporting that someone is running a political poll in Southern Oregon right now. They are asking you who you plan to vote for. Once you tell them, they ask you questions designed to discover issues that would push you away or pull you toward a specific candidate. This is called a push-pull poll and it is not a real poll. Legitimate polls are quantitative; they want to learn what percentage of a specific population (universe) think a certain way, without leading them. Push-pull polls are politically motivated qualitative research (think focus groups) designed to help shape mostly negative ad messaging. I hate push-pull polls because they make professional, scientific polling much more difficult by creating a more skeptical public. We don’t (and never will) do push-pull polls. Offering an alternative to push-pull research is one reason we continue to recruit people to our Jackson County online panel ( This new research tool will allow local firms to do professional polling at an affordable price.

DO YOU KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER? – We currently conduct Facebook campaigns for a variety of travel and tourism clients. Marco Mottola of Trigger Digital had some outstanding tips on using Facebook in Forbes Magazine. One I specifically liked, which we also use, is matching your current customer data to potential new customers on Facebook. You take your customer database, upload it to Facebook and build out a Look-A-Like audience from that. Of course, this requires that you know your customer. Want to learn how to do this? Just email me.

FACEBOOK IS NOT FOR TEENS – Speaking of Facebook, as it has become mainstream, it is now less popular with teens. Not surprising. I mean once your parents and grandparents use it, what respectable teen wants to be on it? So, where do you find teens today online? According to current research: YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat are the most popular online platforms among teens. Fully 95% of teens have access to a smartphone, and 45% say they are online ‘almost constantly’… scary.

ARE WE BECOMING MORE ANGRY WITH CONGRESS? – In early 2016, Facebook introduced alternatives to the traditional “like” reaction. PEW did an analysis recently of congressional outreach on Facebook since then. Between late February 2016 and Trump’s election day, just 2% of all reactions to congressional posts used the “angry” option. By the end of 2017, 9% of all reactions to posts by Democrats and 13% of reactions to posts by Republicans were angry.

Until next week, enjoy summer and have a great day.



April 2, 2018

Monday Morning Quarterback Marketing Digest. Each week I highlight market research that could make your marketing efforts stronger. Want to conduct your own research? Let us help.

IS YOUR DATA HOT? Mail Tribune Reporter Kaylee Tornay wrote an interesting story that shared a Southern Oregon view on the national Facebook data breach story. I was quoted in the story talking about the importance of market research and the role online panels can play. Click here to read the story.  If you live in Jackson County, I would like to invite you to join our online panel. Click here to learn more.

CAN YOU DEFEND YOUR BRAND? Peter Sage has a daily blog that provides his observations and commentary on American politics and culture. Peter has lots of liberal friends (and conservative enemies), but if you are a political junkie it is worth reading. A recent post pointed out the importance of understanding your brand weaknesses (problems) and how someone can attack you. While Peter was talking about political brands, the lessons apply to all business. Good marketing advice, click here to read.

WHY DO PEOPLE PICK YOUR SERVICE OR PRODUCT? One of my “PowerShift Marketing” strategies is that most people do not have a favorite product or service. They pick the least objectionable. Many businesses that dominant a segment think they are first because people love them. Truth is, they just don’t like the other guy. That is why a new business can come in and take your market. A recent study by PEW Research supports this. Again, it is a political study, but it certainly applies to business marketing too. They found that negative views of an opposing political party were a major factor in supporting another party. You don’t love your party, but it is the least objectionable. Click here to read.

YOU CAN TARGET ALMOST ANYONE. I am currently researching online marketing opportunities for several clients. It is fascinating what you can now target. Below are some of the audiences you can retarget (on mobile or desktop) from just one digital provider.

Retargeting: I talked about this last week, you target people that have visited your website in the past but have not bought your product.

Mail Retargeting: Target people based on the commercial email messages they receive – by sender domain. You can even target competitor emails to increase market share.

Look-a-Like Targeting: You build a look-a-like audience, similar the profile to the people that bought your service/product. You reach relevant users with a similar online profile based on 1st party data, their online activity and search behaviors.

Interest Targeting: Focus your ads at a specific interest: arts & entertainment, health & fitness, home & garden, just to name a few.

Purchase Receipt Targeting: You target individuals that completed a purchase or payment on your website. You can offer them new items or related products.

Ok, thanks for reading. If you have any research or marketing question, let me know and I will try and cover them in my weekly MMQB Marketing Digest posts.