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August 7, 2013

Following up on my July 25th post, let’s look at how Baby Boomers (49- to 67-year-olds) and Millennials (19- to 36-year-olds) react to ad creative, based on Nielsen NeuroFocus research (Source: Nielsen, June 2013). This research shows that changes in the brain come with age, which makes certain types of communication more and less effective.

Let’s look at baby boomers first. Their brains:

• Like repetition, and will believe information that is familiar to be true.

• Are more easily distracted, lose the ability to suppress distraction.

• Have a broader attention span and are open to more information.

• Prefer contrast vs. color for online ads.

Millennials brains:

• Like elements of dynamism – such as rich media, lighting or rotations, to cut through their perception threshold.

• Can equally deal with the bleeding-over communication we see in most dynamic banner ads (boomers have a challenge with this).

• Have high multi-sensory processing ability – they almost seek multi-sensory communications such as search tasks, interactive sites.

• Seem to respond better to an intense color palette for online ads.

More coming on Friday.