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August 9, 2015

Since I run a research company, I am a big fan of American Consumers Newsletter by Cheryl Russell of New Strategist Press. I’ve used Cheryl’s info often in my blogs. Her most recent newsletter had some insights into men aged 30-to-34. This is when the percentage of men who are married rises above 50 percent, according to the Census Bureau. But that’s an average.

In fact, the marital status of men depends on how much they earn, with the married share rising in lock-step with earnings. By the way, the relationship between earnings and marital status is not found for women. Here are the 2014 statistics for men aged 30 to 34 who are currently married, by earnings:

Total men 30 to 34: 50.4%
Less than $5,000: 26.3%
$5,000 to $14,999: 31.1%
$15,000 to $24,999: 37.8%
$25,000 to $39,999: 53.0%
$40,000 to $74,999: 61.2%
$75,000 to $99,999: 66.4%
$100,000 or more: 72.7%

Bottom line: Find married men, aged 30-34, and you have a darn good chance that they have a lot of disposable income, if their wife hasn’t spent it already.