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December 12, 2016

Here’s something for you to discuss with your marketing team this week: are you using the right marketing tools to reach the right market?

CASE IN POINT #1: My company runs a Destination marketing campaign effort, Crater Lake Country (CLC) ( While I do not personally use a lot of social media and I really do not like to text (I was never a typist), I’ve learned that using social media and other online tools are critical to reaching a younger audience. One of the things I am most proud of is that the CLC website has a much higher percentage of younger viewers than other destination marketing organization (DMO) websites. Now, for someone who is passed official retirement age, learning new tricks isn’t easy. I spend about 20 hours a month reviewing and learning new marketing techniques. How much time are you spending on learning new things?

CASE IN POINT #2: Oregon football. The mostly successful PAC 12 football program in the past ten years lost its recruiting way because it didn’t realize how you communicate with high school teenagers. You see, teenagers are the prime market for any college team. A Portland Oregonian opinion piece by Andrew Nemec ( said it best: “Recruiting has never been about boosters and retirees, it’s about attracting teenagers. Oregon’s staff stuck together for 20 years, and somewhere along the way, they seemed to forget that. Taggart has a lot to prove, but he’s already showing he understands the modern recruiting battle. He’s generating buzz – one tweet at a time.”

How are you reaching the largest market in American today – Millennials?