I created the ON THE MARK awards in 2009 to honor and recognize outstanding local creative work. I think it’s important that companies and creative teams willing to take creative risks are recognized for their work. In the second year of the award I reviewed a record number of spots. Below, in no particular order, are the 2011 honorees. Congratulations to all the winners. I’ve posted the featured spots on YouTube (Search “ON THE MARK AWARD – 2011”) and on my marketing blog (https://powershiftmarketing.wordpress.com)



Most local car spots are painfully predictable. Show the car, show the price, show people that have bought cars before, and SCREAM the offer with in-your-face production. Add an uncomfortable looking manager or owner as your huckster, and you are ready to bludgeon the consumer to death with a barrage of spots around the weekends. These Butler Ford spots are so refreshing; I believe the entire campaign stands out.

It’s the best conceived, produced, and delivered series of local car spots I’ve seen in decades. The spots stand out because of spokesperson Shannon Young. I might not believe she throws around bales of hay for a living, but she is approachable, believable, and she makes these spots shine.

All spots have exceptionally high national spot production values with great editing. It was hard to pick just one spot, since I liked them all, but I thought the spot that sells two cars at once (a big one and a little one) is the most unique pitch. Why sell just one car when you know that most people own two?

CREATIVE TEAM: Client: Butler Ford, Chuck Butler and Warren Cooper, Agency: Make It Happen Marketing, Spokesperson: Shannon Young, Creative Director: Karen Fronek, Writers: Karen Fronek and Shannon Young, Videographer and Editor: Shawn Adams.



You may not think about it, but Halloween is a big deal for Goodwill. It’s where bargain hunters go to create memorable costumes. According to Julie Fletcher, Goodwill Marketing Manager, this spot helped Goodwill have record October sales.

Production values are so strong I thought it was a nationally produced spot at first. Then I noticed it was shot in Southern Oregon with real employees. The special effect at the end is first class, the creative premise is memorable, and I love using real employees. Now that is the recipe for being ON THE MARK.  

CREATIVE TEAM: Client: Goodwill Industries of Southern Oregon, Julie Fletcher, Agency: Maddox Visual Design, Creative Director/ Videographer/Editor: Tyler Maddox.



Since I have produced local commercials with children or animals I know how tough it is to get a winning performance (unless you have Stephen Spielberg’s money). But a spot that promotes a service for children kind of demands that kids and pets are in the spot. So, you take a creative risk and hope for the best. This spot won an ON THE MARK award for succeeding. The child in the spot, Hana Damon-Tollenaere, is believable and engaging. The use of stylized titles also adds to the memorable look and feel of this spot.

CREATIVE TEAM: Client: Children’s Advocacy Center, Marlene Mish, Executive Director, Agency: NBC5/NBC2 Creative Services, Creative Director: Scott Gee, Videographer and Editor: Mike Porter



One of the toughest creative challenges for a local restaurant is showing really appetizing food and creating a spot that has the look of national chains that spend up to a million dollars in producing just one commercial (AdAge Study). It is such a daunting task; I often recommend not even trying. But Taprock took the challenge and succeeded with this spot.

While the spot doesn’t break any new creative ground, its national production values are amazing. They actually make the food look inviting. The spot positions Taprock as playing in the same league as million dollar chains. Now, that is a major creative success.

CREATIVE TEAM: Client: Taprock Northwest Grill, Dave Thomason, Owner, Agency: Make It Happen Marketing, Creative Director: Karen Fronek, Writer: Karen Fronek, Videographer and Editor: Shawn Adams.

NBC5 PROMOTION – Spot: Pharming


Every local station promotes their news programs and its stories. Most of these in-house promos are well-produced, but pretty slapdash when it comes to having a creative premise. But KOBI’s news story promos are different; they are the best in-house promos in the market. KOBI’s “Pharming” spot was really ON THE MARK.

CREATIVE TEAM: Client: KOBI-NBC5, Bob Wise, General Manager, Agency: NBC5/NBC2 Creative Services, Creative Director: Scott Gee, Videographer: Anne McCloy, Editor: Mike Porter.

CHILD ABUSE NETWORK – Spot: Predator at the Door


The local community certainly benefits from the thousands of dollars that local stations donate to produce and air local public service campaigns. Perhaps because they are the only locally owned station, KOBI continues to deliver a little more creative flair in their public service campaigns.

Last year I recognized KOBI’s highly successful “Meth Campaign” and the station continues to lead in creating community campaigns that stand out. All the Child Abuse Network spots are solid. Their “Predator Porn Map” spot was extremely powerful, but I selected “Predator at the Door” as my favorite.

 CREATIVE TEAM: Client: Child Abuse Network (United Way of Jackson County), Dee Anne Everson, Executive Director, Agency: NBC5/NBC2 Creative Services, Creative Director: Scott Gee, Videographer and Editor: Mike Porter.

BUTLER HYUNDAI – Spot: Diamond


Here’s another example of a local car commercial that dares to break the local ad production rules. Visually, it looks and feels like a national spot. While I think the spot would benefit with a bit more attention to graphics and music, this is so much better than the average local car spot it deserves ON THE MARK recognition.

CREATIVE TEAM: Client: Butler Hyundai, Chuck Butler and Warren Cooper, Agency: Make It Happen Marketing, Announcer: Shannon Young, Creative Director: Karen Fronek, Writers: Karen Fronek, Videographer and Editor: Shawn Adams.


Spot: World Fashions/Fist Pump


With a super casual, low production “YouTube” video look, these spots are right ON THE MARK for reaching their young, hip consumer. The spots always stay within their quirky conversational creative style, a fundamental key to creating a brand that you can call your own. I’ve really warmed to these spots over the past year.

Owners Eric and GoGirl Amy make you feel like you’ve joined them for a causal chat. Even if I’m not sure what they are selling all the time, the spots stand out. Of course, I’m not their target audience; this is not your parents’ store!

CREATIVE TEAM: Client: LaStrada and Papillion Rouge, Eric and Amy Maxwell, Agency: NBC5/NBC2 Creative Services, Creative Director: Scott Gee, Videographer and Editor: Amanda Guthmiller.

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