July 2, 2018

Monday Morning Quarterback Marketing Digest. Missed last week due to a family wedding (wonderful) and travel, but happy 4th of July week. Here are research thoughts that could help you this shortened business week.

HOW DO PEOPLE VIEW YOUR VISITOR DESTINATION? – In September we are scheduled to conduct our third, semi-annual Brand Awareness and Perception Study for an Oregon DMO (Destination Marketing Organization). We have been honored to provide this outstanding organization an independent research view of the effectiveness of their marketing efforts since 2014. What has been the biggest surprise of these studies? Why all DMOs don’t conduct independent research of their marketing efforts.

Literally millions of dollars are being spent in Oregon to brand destinations and attract more visitors. Yet, most rural DMOs do not conduct any independent research to see if their efforts are paying off. Call (541-488-4925) or email me at Mark@dennettgroup.com if you would like to learn more about how to conduct this type of research for your marketing team. We have done these studies for the travel industry, nonprofits, healthcare, financial institutions, and retail groups.

HOW WELL IS YOUR WEBSITE PERFORMING? – Speaking of DMO research, we are beginning the final quarter of our 5th Annual Destination Website Research Study. Ten different DMOs have participated in our study since launching it in 2011. Why do cities and chambers that operate Convention and Visitor Bureaus participate in this study? Because it is affordable (around $100 per month) and it provides answers to issues you need to know to help generate public funding and support:

• Who is visiting (demographics) your website?
• Why do they visit your website and where do they discover your site?
• Will web visitors become real visitors to your city (economic impact)?
• What elements on your website are most important for encouraging visits to your area?

We are now recruiting partners for our 6th study that will begin in October. Interested? Email me at Mark@dennettgroup.com or give me a call for details (541-488-4925) for a fact sheet.

ARE YOU READY FOR GOOGLE’S REBRAND? – Today, if you are not using one of Google’s ad platforms you are not doing your digital marketing job. Google decided to rebrand all their offerings under the Google Ads label. Google’s Senior Vice President of Ads said the company’s complex assortment of products has become confusing to navigate. I agree. But the real goal is to make it easier for Google to upsell those products. Want to learn more? You can join me and others on Tuesday, July 10th at 9:00 a.m. Pacific, noon Eastern, for a live podcast. Here’s a link to register, click here.

IT IS STARTING – A RADICAL CHANGE TO YOUR INTERNET EXPERIENCE – If you don’t live in California, you may have missed this news. California lawmakers passed a data-privacy bill that grants consumers some of the broadest protections in the country, including the right to prohibit the sale of personal data to third parties and to opt out of sharing it altogether. Good news? Perhaps, but the law also allows companies to charge consumers a premium if they don’t share data. Is this the future of internet access? If you don’t allow firms to mine your data for advertising, you will pay more for visiting a website?

WHAT DO PEOPLE THINK OF THE SUPREME COURT? – Stepping away from my marketing focus to celebrate our country’s heritage, here are few facts about the U.S. Supreme Court from the Pew Research Center that you might find interesting. Have a great 4th of July holiday!

1. Two-thirds of Americans (66%) view the high court favorably, up 18 percentage points from July 2015, when only around half (48%) approved.

2. A growing share of Americans (55%) say the Supreme Court should base its rulings on what the Constitution “means in current times,” rather than what it “meant as originally written.”

3. The average tenure of a Supreme Court justice is nearly 17 years. This analysis excluded the current members of the court since their tenure is ongoing.

That is all for this week. Let me know if there are any specific research or marketing questions you are thinking about that I can cover in my weekly update.

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