April 18, 2016

Victoria’s Secret has decided to stop mailing out its famous catalogs of scantily clad models. Is this a big deal? Well, when you mailed out as many as 350 million catalogs annually, sending out up to 22 mailings a year, it is. This move will save them $100 million annually.

The company said that it is “evolving how the business connects with customers through more focus on loyalty programs and brand-building engagement rather than traditional catalogues and offers.”

What this double-talk really means is that they are going to invest millions in expanding online marketing. Now, that is a big deal. Because it is another “wake up call” that every small business needs to be looking at how they reach their customers.

Is your website transaction driven? Do you have an e-magazine? Do you a have vibrant email marketing program? Do you have a web blog or newsletter? Do you have a real social media effort beyond just posting to Facebook and Twitter occasionally? Based on the calls I get, the answer is probably no to some or all of these brand-building engagement tools.

Question for this week: What are you doing to change the way you are reaching and interacting with your potential customers, especially younger ones?

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