March 22, 2016

In reviewing my favorite online newsletter (American Consumers by Cheryl Russell), I thought the attitude American’s have on a single payer health care system was interesting because it shows the power of a name.

Looking at a Kaiser Family Foundation survey, half of Americans are in favor of guaranteed health insurance coverage in which all Americans would get their insurance through a single government payer system. The study also showed that support varies by age, the younger you are, the more supportive you are: Aged 18 to 29: 65%, aged 30 to 49: 55%, aged 50 to 64: 41%, aged 65-plus: 36%.

But here’s the marketing takeaway. The level of support is driven by the name used to describe coverage. Fully 63% like the idea of “Medicare-for-all,” and 57% feel positive about the term “guaranteed universal health coverage.” But support falls to 44% if the term “single-payer health insurance system” is used. Just 38% feel positive about “socialized medicine.”

Use the right words, 63% support it. Use the wrong words, 38% support it. This is one reason we conduct focus group research for clients. As I explain in my marketing book, “what you say is not as important as how you say it” (If you would like a free copy of my book, let me know).

So, this week take the time to look at your services or products and think if a name change could improve your business?



  1. Really good point on a big subject poeple can relate too.

    • Thanks, have a great trip… make sure I have a link to your blog.

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