December 22, 2015

I’ve been taking a break from my blog. I’ve been busy promoting my 2016 cooperative marketing programs to potential partners. But a story in the Wall St. Journal (WSJ) reminded me why everyone should be doing cooperative marketing.

As reported by WSJ, Disney’s Chief Executive Robert Iger asked his marketing team: How much do we really need to do? Does the first “Star Wars” movie in a decade and the first in 32 years to feature classic characters such as Princess Leia and Chewbacca need the traditional $100 million budget for marketing?

No. The film is so highly anticipated by the franchise’s huge fan base that advertising is arguably unnecessary. According to iSpot.tv, a TV advertising research firm, two weeks before its release Disney has spent only $17 million on television ads. This compares to $30 million for your typical “tentpole” film that cost more than $200 million to produce.

SPEND OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY – While Disney is cutting back on spending their money, they are benefiting from more than $100 million in ads. How? Companies eager to appeal to fans spent $38 million in the U.S. Also helping the movie: $51 million in TV ads from companies selling Star Wars products including Wal-Mart, Electronic Arts, and Disney’s own videogame unit. In addition, Disney has enlisted partners online, including Google that modified its websites and apps.

Bottomline: You spend $17 million, your partners spend $89 million, and you now have a $106 million campaign. That is the essence of cooperative marketing. If this sounds like good math for your company, contact me (Mark@dennettgroup.com) and let me share a few coop ideas, but just on a bit smaller scale!


  1. Good thoughts Mark…… I like the blog…… May do one for my upcoming trip.

    • You should definitely do a blog… very easy to set up. I can walk you through it if needed.

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