December 12, 2015

As a small business owner for 30 years, I just can’t understand why we (Republicans and Democrats) are not outraged by the $130 Billion Dow/DuPont merger and the continued growth and control of our economy by the 1% of our society that now controls 90% of our wealth (and our political establishment). These mega mergers are just creating more wealth for activist investors by pulling more money out of the pockets of our customers.

The Dow/DuPont merger will result in $3 billion in savings (according to their own documents). That means $3 billion in loss jobs and opportunities for a lot of people. It also means less money being spent with local, small businesses. Another example, how will having one company controlling 80% of the beer market – the merger of AB InBev (the world’s largest beer maker) and SABMiller (the world’s second-largest) – be good for me? Will it lower local beer prices and improved the product I drink?

Republicans, please explain why making big businesses, bigger, creating more wealth for investors is good for your rank and file? Democrats, please explain why making government bigger with more regulations (like a $15 minimum wage) is good for your supporters?

Wake up America. It is NOT GOOD for you or your local economy (where you live, shop, dine and spend money) for small businesses to be forced to compete with larger and larger competitors or deal with mega size regulations.

Why can’t we “maintain the strong entrepreneurial spirit that we have in this country to continue to produce wealth, but to make certain that the wealth is much more equitably distributed than is currently the case” (thanks Bernie Sanders for the quote). On the other hand, perhaps Trump is right, “The beauty of me is that I’m very rich.” Perhaps he is tapping into the only thing that we now believe in: celebrity and mega wealth for a few.

Food for thought on a snowy Saturday morning in Oregon. Happy Holidays.


  1. Yes and it won’t get any better either if headed Dem. http://www.againstcronycapitalism.org/2015/11/washington-post-inside-the-clinton-donor-network/
    Also what are we to make of it that Trump is using his own $ and not PACs to run. Who knows…

  2. Bill, I don’t think either party wants to change the game. As for Trump using his own money, yep that allows him to say what he wants. But the Republican leadership will never let him become the nominee, they would lose control. Just like if a non-democrat, Bernie, became the nominee. I think it is interesting that primary voters still think they have power. The parties run the conventions. I believe the Republican backroom wants either Christie or Bush… so they can continue to control the game with big money. So, nothing is really going to change.

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