November 5, 2015

My company develops cooperative ad campaigns. If you follow my blog you know I believe that cooperative efforts, which grow the overall market using other people’s money, should be a part of any company’s ad budget. In addition to my most popular co-op effort, Crater Lake Country, I tried to develop a mobile ad effort this year. In recruiting members, I was surprised to learn how few businesses understand the value of mobile. While giant corporations fully understand the power of online video and mobile, smaller firms seem to be mystified by these ad tools. Well, the ship has left the dock and you need to be on board.

CASE IN POINT: Facebook reported this week that mobile ad revenue represents 78% of its total ad revenue. Now let that number sink in: almost 4 out of 5 Facebook ad dollars come from mobile. Why? Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg put it bluntly, “We have the best performing mobile ad units.”

As the Wall St. Journal reported, it sure helps to be big in mobile and have tons of data on your users. Indeed, Facebook said that 894 million people a day, on average, used the company’s mobile app in September 2015, a bump of 27% year-over-year. Between Facebook and Instagram, the company accounts for one out of every five minutes spent on mobile media. Plus, Facebook now generates a stunning 8 billion video views a day.\

This is just one reason why I am stepping up my effort to recruit partners in my mobile and video co-ops for 2016. It is a great way for you to beta test these tools without making a major dollar commitment. If you would like to learn more about our programs, just email me (Mark@dennettgroup.com).

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