October 23, 2015

As I expressed in my marketing book and in my coaching practice, events create public opinion. Generally, the “public” does not have an opinion on most things until an event creates one. The Benghazi Hearing demonstrated this and the danger of creating an event that you can’t control. I believe two things came out of the hearing that will be reflected in upcoming public opinion polls.

First, that the average American that was willing to tune in to some part of 11 hours of worthless testimony was probably shocked on just how partisan government has become. Staging political theater now appears to be the only role of elected officials (Republicans and Democrats).

Secondly, I believe the public was impressed with Hillary’s composure (even if they would never vote for her or trust her). Can you imagine what The Donald would have done with 11 hours of personal attacks and grilling? Bottom-line: Be very careful of creating a PR event that is intended to shape public opinion in support of your cause in today’s hyper-partisan world. You may not get the results you wanted.


  1. Trey Gowdy, as good as he seemed he might be before the inquisition, never dented her. Hillary proved that she can stay composed even under some pretty harsh attacks, and remain so for hours. I wish there were a Republican candidate who had passed an endurance test like that. I can’t see Trump doing that. My vote in California, a heavily Democrat state, will mean nothing but I will still vote Republican out of principal. Then will watch Hillary win the White House.

  2. I think a lot of people who didn’t tune in, got their opinion shaped by the kind of media they watch.

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