October 1, 2015

There has been a seismic shift of advertising dollars from traditional media to digital advertising. The primary reason is that digital allows for more targeting and perceived accountability. While I still question a lot of the metrics, as I point out in my book, the internet is the best one-on-one marketing tool ever invented.

A good example of this is the Google’s new ad capability to target specific emails. As reported by the Wall Street Journal, that Google will now let marketers target ads to specific people using their email addresses. This new approach comes alongside another program to be called “Similar Audiences,” which will allow marketers to target ads to people who “look alike” to their existing customers. A similar feature has been popular among advertisers on Facebook.

One comment

  1. Tell me my spam box isn’t going grow again! Just by the fact I’m gmailing you (or commenting on your blog) it’s going to trigger more ads that “may” appeal to me based on what Google knows about our email or browsing?

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