September 7, 2015

On Labor Day it is fun to reflect back on summer. For me summer has been great. Some interesting research projects, working with clients that I respect, and enjoying nice Central Oregon weather with family and friends. Of course, the fires have been horrendous. If you’ve been too busy to keep up with media and advertising news, the Wall St. Journal did a nice recap of all the top stories:

Some won’t have much impact on your business, marketing wise., but a couple may.

Your customers are continuing to “cut the cord” moving away from cable TV. In my opinion, most people will be getting their video fix by streaming. The only thing holding this revolution back is the lack of high-speed internet access in many parts of the country.

If you advertise online (and you should) you should be increasingly concerned about ad blocking technology that lets consumers circumvent ads online.

There is a real battle going on between Facebook and YouTube to be king of online video and advertising. . You should definitely be looking at using Facebook video.

Soon there will be little difference between print and online magazines. Apple and Facebook are working overtime to get more publishers online. The Apple News app, expected to launch in the fall, will combine articles from more than 50 publications into one stream and will come pre-loaded on Apple’s new operating system (will be announced tomorrow). Facebook in June unveiled its Instant Articles program that lets publishers such as NBC News and National Geographic post their stories directly onto the social networks’ newsfeed instead of linking readers back to their own sites.

On my next post I will cover the dramatic shift in how people are reading magazines. Have fun today.

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