August 17, 2015

I don’t usually comment on political polls, since this is a marketing blog. But a recent Wall Street Journal/NBC News Poll clearly shows why Millennials aren’t just younger than other Americans. They are different. Why is this important to you?

Because most small businesses (especially travel and hospitality firms), rely on baby-boomers and seniors to be their cash cows. But next year millennials, defined here as those aged 18 through 34, will equal baby boomers in numbers (and eligible voters). If you think millennials think like you, you are sadly mistaken. Let’s just look at some takeaways from this political opinion poll:

  • They are the only age bracket that has a positive view of President Obama by a wide margin.
  • They are strongly supportive of the Iran Nuclear Deal – could it be because they were all born after the 1979 Iranian hostage crisis or they just don’t want to be drafted?
  • Nearly two to one (60% to 37%), millennials say that government should do more to solve problems, rather than leaving them to businesses and individuals.
  • Millennials are the only age group to say they prefer Democrats over Republicans to handle the economy.

If millennials can become your customers, you probably have a far better chance to be around in ten years.

As for politics: if millennials come out to vote, a big IF, then Bernie probably has a far better chance than The Donald. To paraphrase Winston Churchill: If you’re not liberal when you’re 20 you don’t have a heart. If you’re not conservative when you’re 40 you don’t have a brain. Not sure I agree, but fun stuff.

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