March 23, 2015

Since I own several websites and I’m a marketing coach, I am often asked “how can I get more website traffic?” I usually answer by  sharing conventional SEO (Search Engine Optimization) wisdom, more links and more content. But here’s the real reality today. You have to play the game the way Google tells you to play.

The Federal Trade Commission, which is considering antitrust charges against Google, outlined in a document by FTC  staffers, who spent more than a year investigating Google, numerous issues, but this one is the key:

(FROM A WALL ST. JOURNAL STORY): The report said Google was “in the unique position of being able to make or break any web-based business.” Google’s prominent placement of its own properties and demotion of rival sites in its search results “has resulted in significant loss of traffic to many competing vertical websites,” the report said. 

Increasingly, this means that you need to buy Google advertising. Yep, Google may say they are constantly changing things to improve the organic search experience but, as a public company with hungry stock owners, they need to improve profits more. So you need to know all you can about Google.

If you haven’t completed Google’s WEBMASTER ACADEMY course, start there. It comes in modules that cover: (1) Tips on creating a Google friendly site, (2) Lessons on how Google Search and Google Webmaster Tools work, and (3) Plenty of quizzes, videos, examples and resources.

So, before you hire an SEO consultant, do your homework. Take the course and then buy Google advertising.

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