March 19, 2015

I’ve talked a lot about the power of email marketing in this blog over the years. But I still find many businesses reluctant to use it, thinking it means becoming a “spammer.” But here are the facts. Email remains the number one way people use the internet today. And the majority of your current customers welcome information from you – if it is meaningful and relevant. Let’s look at research that backs this up.

The Pew Research Center, one of the finest independent researchers in the country, reports that 87% of American adults use the internet and 81% use email daily. Email is the number one use on the internet.

The US Consumer Device Preference Report from a Movable Ink Study in 2014 showed that, together, smartphones and tablets have become a dominating force in email marketing, now accounting for the majority of email opens in every state.

DCG Research, my research division, just completed a study for an Oregon tourism business. More than 80% of respondents said they would welcome getting information via email from this company. And more than 90% said they were the decision makers for spending vacation money.

So, what are you doing to create engaging emails to your customers? The first step is doing research to determine the quality of your list and what these people would like to receive from you. This research is surprisingly affordable. Let’s talk. I would be happy to provide a free, no obligation, research proposal to get your started.

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