August 9, 2014

One of my major marketing cooperatives is Crater Lake Country, a destination marketing organization (DMO). I use a wide variety of online tools including Google ad words, AdBlade banner and native ads, Yahoo ads, video ads, and links on more than 40 travel websites to drive traffic.

Because I use Yahoo, with great success, I was shocked to learn about Yahoo’s dismal earnings report. I really like Yahoo’s new digital magazines. These magazines are attracting just the sort of beautiful, quality ads that CEO Marissa Mayer keeps saying she wants. You might ask why Yahoo’s homepage doesn’t look like their magazines. Good question.  

From my perspective, here’s the issue that is holding Yahoo back. Unlike Google, where a million small time advertisers can have a share of voice, Yahoo just wants the big guys – the top 200 brands – to spend more. Right now, not enough of the big dogs are interested in Yahoo’s prime real estate – its homepage.  

But as the big dogs turn their backs on Yahoo, little guys like me can find great value. I kind of hope the big dogs (and their ad agencies) keep staying away as Google increases their traffic and look. That’s the marketing lesson for today: someone else’s problem can be a big advantage for you. 


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