June 26, 2014

For the past two years, my research firm (DCG Research) has been involved in a major website study involving six destination marketing organizations (DMOs) in Oregon. The goal is to gain more insight into who visits these sites (beyond Google Analytics) and how they use them to access information (what they value in a visitor website).

That may be one reason I paid attention to a recent spam email, which promised to share “five reasons why most websites just don’t work.” It was basic stuff (which I cover in my book), but it did remind me that many small businesses still use third parties (yellow page companies, vistaprint, web.com, etc.) to develop and manage their web presence. Bad idea. You need to have total control of your own website. That is why I am a fan of WordPress. If you can use Microsoft Word, you can build and manage your own site using WordPress easily.

Courtesy of SKYWEB Corp (Belleville, IL), here is what they think are the five reasons websites don’t work. I am not recommending them for your web work, but I agree 100% that these are common errors I see in my consulting.

#1 – Your Website is NOT Responsive“Nowadays, mobile compatible isn’t enough. Google announced they consider responsive websites to be the standard, which means it adjusts based on the screen size of the visitor, so no one is left out. All sites need to be responsive.” 

#2 – Your Website is NOT Search Engine Optimized“Make sure whoever you choose understands every aspect of on page SEO, because that is the factor that will make the biggest difference in bringing in visitors for a variety of keywords.” 

#3 – You Only Have a ONE PAGE Website! – “People don’t care about a one page website, when your competitor has a 10-15 page site that explains everything they offer, warranty information, frequently asked questions, etc.” 

#4 – Have Google Analytics INSTALLED on YOUR Website!“You must know basic stats like how many visitors you’re getting, how they’re getting there, are they just going to one page and leaving? Google Analytics is extremely important when it comes to improving your web presence.” 

#5 – Not Having a STRONG CALL TO ACTION!“If you’re getting 1,000 visitors a month, and nobody is becoming a lead or a customer, then that traffic is useless.”

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