June 10, 2014

MediaPost recently reported that to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the creation of the web by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Pew Research Center has release its Internet of Things report that includes opinions about devices, appliances, vehicles, wearable material, and sensor-laden parts of the environment that connect to each other and feed data back and forth.

In February Pew looked at the strikingly fast adoption of the Internet. In March they released the Digital Life in 2025 report, in association with Elon University, it looked at the Internet’s future. Experts and stakeholders said the future of the Internet would become so deeply part of the environment that it would become “like electricity”—less visible even as it becomes more important in people’s daily lives. Some of the other expectations include:

People: Many people will wear devices that let them connect to the Internet and will give them feedback on their activities, health and fitness.

Homes: People will be able to control nearly everything remotely, from how their residences are heated and cooled to how often their gardens are watered. Homes will also have sensors that warn about everything from prowlers to broken water pipes.

Communities: Embedded devices and smartphone apps will enable more efficient transportation and give readouts on pollution levels. “Smart systems” might deliver electricity and water more efficiently and warn about infrastructure problems..

Please visit Pew Research here to view related reports about the future of the Internet.

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