March 6, 2014

I was reading an editorial in the Medford Mail Tribune about how the Oregon economy is improving, but not fast enough to provide relief to most of us living in smaller towns. The Tribune was making the case that real growth comes from a game-changer, something that really makes a fundamental difference in the economy. As the editorial stated, “Oregon can either wait for that external force to appear or it can be proactive.”

I think this is great marketing advice too. Going back to a popular theme in my book, because we are so busy working “in our business,” we simply don’t take the time to be proactive, to work “on our business.” How do you find your game-changer, something that will make a fundamental difference in your business? It takes a personal commitment to listen more to your customers and your team, then embrace new, perhaps risky, ideas. As the editorial concluded, “Perhaps the best game-changer would be a business plan that currently resides in someone’s head or garage.”

So, make a commitment to find your game-changer. Most of us just don’t take the time to find them in someone’s head, but they are out there!

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