February 14, 2014

“I hate buying textbooks,” says Southern Oregon University senior Kellie Pertl, after paying $455 for an anatomy book. This observation from a recent story in the Medford Mail Tribune reflects the findings in an Oregon Public Interest Research Group study that reveals that many students and even faculty are finding ways around the world of traditional textbooks. As reported, “teachers are now writing their own “open textbooks” free online, with hard copy optional. Add used books on Amazon, rental book sites, Google Books and even PDFs that get passed around and you know the textbook market has changed.”

As I commented a year ago, it is only a matter of time until tablets and e-books will make textbooks a thing of the past. I’ve seen firsthand this transition. In the last quarter of 2013 I sold more Powershift Marketing e-books than hard copies.  The marketing lesson: You can’t afford to be behind the curve in a changing market.

This coming week sit down with everyone on your team and make a list of all of the changes that could impact your business within the next three years. Then conduct some research so you can create plans on how to deal with them.

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