February 12, 2014

Many companies need profits to disappear before changing. Others try to recognize change while they are still highly profitable. Microsoft is one of the latter. Its new CEO is following the advice in my book: Embrace change. (I actually developed this concept while doing training for Microsoft years ago).

Microsoft continues to churn out big profits. But they are missing some growth areas as more computer chores shift online. Microsoft remains dependent on three key products—Windows, Microsoft Office and related software to run back-end computing gear. Plus, they are deeply tied to the sales of Windows-powered PCs, a slowing market. Their improved search engine, Bing, and their successful Xbox videogame system don’t add much to the bottom-line.

Are you a local Microsoft, living off a few great products and seeing others taking a new highway past you? If so, it’s time to embrace change. Gather up your team and challenge them to look into the future. Where are the opportunities in 2015 and beyond?

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