February 10, 2014

I’ve been working on a major update of my marketing book. It will be published as an e-book in April. The section that has changed most dramatically, of course, is social media. The “old” social media options  – YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Myspace and Pinterest have now been joined by a host of new ones (and it continues to grow!). So, with the help of MediaPost (Social Media Insider – Catharine P. Taylor), here’s some thoughts on advertising on social media. 

Snapchat: According to Taylor, she thinks it is hard to see this becoming a succesful advertising media because its content almost always goes away, and because when it doesn’t, it’s not a good thing for your brand.

Tumblr: Will Tumblr be the new Pinterest, or will Pinterest be the new Tumblr?  Taylor believes that advertisers continue to use them the exact same way: as galleries for the best visuals that communicate their brand. I’m not sure that generates sales for most small businesses.

Twitter: At this point it doesn’t reach mainstream America, four out of five US Internet users say they don’t use it regularly. But a Pew Research Center study shows it is effective reaching minorities. Black, Asian and Hispanic users account for 41% of Twitter’s 54 million U.S. users, compared with 34% of the users of rival Facebook and 33% of all U.S. Internet users.

Vine: Taylor predicts that an advertiser somewhere will create a 30-second ad for TV that is actually five consecutive Vines. They will mistakenly think this is the greatest idea ever. It is not.

One comment

  1. You are right to be updating. Your post on the subject points to several of them – one of which, Vine – I’d never heard of before. Here’s one with promise: http://www.impossible.com

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