February 3, 2014

While being a Seahawks fan made the Super Bowl great, because I am also a fan of ad creativity and a good game, the broadcast was pretty lackluster. Taking an informal poll of friends I was watching the game with, we all agreed that overall the commercials were just not very memorable.

I hated Go Daddy’s “Bodybuilders,” and except for Audi’s “Doberhuahua,” the car commercials were especially un-memorable. Yes, Volkswagen “Wings” was cute and Honda’s “Hugfest” was a nice change of pace, but the low point for me was the mindless Maserati “Strike” spot. My top picks for good (not great) spots: Doritos “Cowboy Kid,” “Wonderful Pistachios” with Stephen Colbert, Chobani “Bear,” Radio Shack and Bud’s “Poppy Love.”

But Bud’s other spot with a soldier returning home and Coke’s “It’s Beautiful” and Chrysler’s spot with Bob Dylan were just retreads of old themes. T-Mobile’s “Kill Your Contract” showed that you could get away with low-cost production (of course, you have to hope people are sober enough to read). One of the big problems is that most spots had already been seen on the internet, so there no “newest” factor.

If you would like to see what the ad experts think and want to vote for your favorite, here’s a link to AdWeek’s report card on the best commercials: http://sb.adweek.com/

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