January 29, 2014

If you live in Southern Oregon, you know that Medford teachers are planning to strike next week if they can’t come to an agreement with the Medford School Board. As with most labor fights, there is a lot of finger-pointing and heads being buried in the sand on both sides. So, why do I think this disagreement might have some marketing lessons?

First, it shows what happens if you forget why you are in business, which is to serve the needs of your customers, in this case students and their parents. How does closing down the business serve their customers? Their actions also reflect the unwillingness, on both sides, to embrace change. I’m not taking about accepting change. I’m talking about getting ahead of change, to explore ways to be pro-active in searching for innovative ways to positively change the world of local education.

Focus on your customer and embrace change. If you have read my blog, attended my workshops or read my book, you know these are core beliefs in my powershift marketing philosophy.  I wish everyone involved in this unfortunately situation could let these beliefs guide them in the final days of mediation.


One comment

  1. So very true. Headline: Medford School teachers hold students captive until their demands are met. We will not compromise! Great life lessons being “taught” here.

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