January 27, 2014

Every December thousands show up in Las Vegas to attend CES (the Consumer Electronic Show). So, what did we learn about the future of media at the show?  As reported by Advertising Age: “For all the hype around second screen, streaming video and online TV… TV is still king, according to agency executives at a TV of Tomorrow panel hosted by AOL and Omnicom.”

While some national ad dollars are moving to digital from TV, people are still watching more than four hours of live TV a day on average. Even millennials are watching TV, but more on a time-shifted basis. College kids, once they get a job, typically become cable or satellite users. What will change is what is considered TV. Streaming direct will be the King.

Again, as Ad Age reported: “Most experts agree that the broadcast model will fundamentally change and tech companies will be the winners. AOL Networks CEO Bob Lord, who moderated the panel, said that while content providers have more options, big events will still provide an anchor. “Video reach still isn’t there yet for curated content,” he said.”

So, don’t cancel that local TV or cable media buy just yet. But do look at online video ads, especially cooperative programs that let you test online video ads at a fraction of the cost. Contact me if you are interested in an online video campaign I’ve got going in Oregon in May, 2014.

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