January 24, 2014

A research report that is getting a lot of media attention says that Facebook traffic has peaked and will be declining over the next few years. I agree. Once the general public (seniors, baby-boomers, businesses) discovered Facebook, its core users, people under 30, move on to the next “cool” thing. Want to know what social media etiquette is cool and uncool? 

The giant ad agency McCann Worldgroup just found out. Their quantitative research, conducted with 1,100 U.S. consumers aged 18+, was supplemented qualitatively with five focus groups with consumers aged 16-60 years old. McCann found the following changes over the last two years:

  • The #1 privacy fear that increased significantly since 2011 is that the government will use people’s personal data against them in some way.
  • Companies considered to be the greatest threat and that are the least trusted with data are digital companies, such as Google and Facebook.

But the fun part of the study was what consumer’s considered to be cool and uncool use of Facebook and other social media sites.

Cool behavior:

  •  34% think posting routine activities such as status updates on Facebook is cool.
  • 64% think posting silly or funny articles on Facebook is cool.
  • 35% think frequently “checking in” your location on Foursquare is cool.
  • 63% think defriending people who are not your “real” friends on Facebook is cool.

 Uncool behavior:

  •  63% think having a personal style blog that chronicles your daily outfits is uncool.
  • 73% think adding people you don’t know as LinkedIn connections is uncool.
  • 72% think adding people you don’t know as Facebook friends is uncool.
  • 66% think a company using your content on their social media site without your permission is uncool.
  • 57% think a company calling you with an automated personalized message is uncool.

Social media etiquette for your firm’s digital marketing effort – A good topic for your next marketing staff meeting.

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