January 6, 2014

The growth in video streaming (the new “zero TV” viewer) was a major media story in 2013. As I predicted last year, streaming will be the dominant way people under the age of 40 will be watching TV programs by the end of this year. More evidence of this rapid switch: DirecTV has told investors it is looking at offering streaming services that appeal to specific groups of customers, such as Hispanic audiences or children, rather than attempting to compete directly with Netflix.

Speaking of Netflix, they recently revealed that half of their viewers finished a season of a show (up to 22 episodes) within one week. So, Netflix is finally embracing the term “binge viewing,” which despite being a  runner-up to “selfie” for Oxford Dictionary’s 2013 word of the year, has long carried connotations of bad behavior. “We’ve never been able to come up with a better euphemism,” spokesman Jonathan Friedland said in a recent Wall Street Journal article.

I would add more to this post, but I’ve got to finish streaming and binge viewing season three of Downton Abby so I can record the start of season four!

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