December 23, 2013

Over the past ten years one of the fastest growing cable segments has been business channels, such as CNBC. You would think that the current record-breaking stock rally would be good news for all these channels. You would be wrong.

CNBC, which still has a 75% market share, has lost half its audience since 2008 according to a Wall St. Journal report. Fox Business has also lost audience since last year. Bloomberg TV’s ratings are so low it is rethinking its entire business model, since it hasn’t gained more than a 10% market share in two decades on the air. Where have the viewers gone? Individual investors have left the market in droves since the financial crisis, leaving the day trading world to institutional investors and computer algorithms who don’t need talking heads to dole out investment advice.

Bottom-line advice: If you advertise on business cable channels it is time to pull back a bit or at least ask for lower rates. Also, what research are you conducting to understand your market? Remember, your market is constantly changing. Do you know where your market is going in 2014?

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