December 16, 2013

Car companies are trying to convince you that keys under the tree are a great holiday gift. But how do you stand out in this sea of lookalike year-end, close-out TV spots? Hire Michael Bolton. OK, I can’t believe that Bolton’s cheesy “Happy Honda Days” spots actually work, but they do. I can’t think of anything more annoying than Bolton’s over-the-top singing style, but it sure cuts through the broadcast clutter. Every time I hear his voice it makes me notice the spots.

As Adweek Magazine stated, “The generally fantastical series wins points for poking fun at itself with melodramatic guitar solos and idiotic lyrical gems like ‘This special time of year, it’s filled with joy and cheer, for me and you and you and you, too.’ Most realistic, though, are the dumbstruck stares of the relatively young buyers, whose sometimes ambiguous expressions seem to range from charmed to baffled to terrified to regretful…”

Totally agree. As Adweek also points out, if you want to torture your loved ones, Honda has arranged for Bolton to deliver season’s greetings to the family via tweets (hashtag #XOXOBolton), God help us. Of course, once you buy the Honda, you can demand that nobody ever play Michael Bolton in it again.

Taking a risk in advertising, you don’t see it much, but it can pay off. What risks are you going to take in 2014 with your advertising to make it work harder?

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