December 6, 2013

Katie Couric, who has a weak TV talk show, is trying to add some new luster by joining Yahoo to host an online news show. It is just another example of big-name journalists signing on with all-digital ventures. Yahoo is working hard to create a defined “brand” now that more people visit Yahoo daily than Google. Unfortunately, they really don’t know what they want to be, a search engine, a news source, or a portal?

Do you know what you want to be? I have just finished facilitating several end-of-the-year retreats and now is the time for reflection and planning if you want to be better off by this time next year. Most businesses are so busy working “in their business,” than seldom take the time to work “on their business” using research and planning. Now is the time to listen to your team and start planning 2014 successes! If you need the help of a professional facilitator, contact me. An outsider can often help you discover insights and opportunities.

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