November 7, 2013

Most people get dozens of email offers daily, but very few direct mail (snail mail) offers. That has made regular mail a much better marketing tool today than it was years ago. But how easy do you make it for someone getting your mailing to keep their address updated?

When you get email spam, by law they have to make it easy to “opt out” by showing this option at the bottom of the offer. But have you ever looked at that mail offer, say a postcard, or a letter from a nonprofit asking for money? If you want to update your mailing address, good luck!

I became painfully aware of this recently because after 20 years with the same mailing address, I had to change it because my private mail box service moved down the block. The challenge was trying to change my junk mail addresses. Yes some junk mail, especially from nonprofits, I wanted to keep coming.

New PowerShift Marketing Tip: Make sure with your direct mail offers that you clearly show how someone can update or delete themselves from your mailing. This is critical if you want to justify the higher cost of mail with good offers to good mail list. customers.

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