October 15, 2013

In a time in which we don’t trust our politicians  (a recent Pew Study) to do the right thing for us – or anything for that matter – trust in advertising is on the rise, according to Nielsen’s latest Trust in Advertising Study.

As expected, word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and family are still the most influential, that’s why user websites (TripAdvisor, Yelp, etc.) are so critical to your marketing. . But trust in company websites is up and is now the second most trusted online format. And 56% of respondents said they trust consumer-consented email messages, an increase of 7% since 2007.

For other online advertising, almost half said they trust ads in search engine results, online video ads and ads on social networks, while more than four in 10 trust online banner ads, up from 26% in 2007. But television, newspapers and magazines continue to be among the most trusted forms of paid advertising. Trust in television ads increased to 62% in 2013. Six-in-10 respondents trust ads in magazines, a rise of 4 percentage points from 2007.

Earning trust is still the Holy Grail for your ad campaigns, so make sure you protect it. It’s unfortunately it isn’t important to most politicians.

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