September 5, 2013

If you follow this blog, you know that I believe every business should be posting videos on YouTube. Unfortunately, few do. Recently I read in the Medford Mail Tribune (story by Mandy Valencia) about Crater High Quarterbacks Coach Ben Running uploading a video of 16-year-old Austin Richmond catching a football while doing a backflip.

It caught the attention of ESPN and Fox Sports and now it’s on its way to being viewed by more than 175,000 people. “Fox Sports also put it on, and it’s been on Yahoo News,” said Richmond’s stepmother, Ashlei Richmond. Austin, a junior running back and safety, attributes the video’s skyrocketing popularity to Vine, a video app for smartphones that records 6-second looping videos for sharing on social-media sites. “On Vine, we got quite a few likes,” said Austin. “It was awesome. People actually know where Crater is now.”

Now, this is no big deal in the world of social media. But what would it take for your business to be noticed by 175,000 people? A lot of marketing dollars. So, please, make it a priority to post at least one video a month on YouTube. It should just be part of your social media marketing effort.

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