August 30, 2013

In my post about treating students as customers (South Korea’s unique tutoring world). I mentioned that high school graduation rates in Oregon, where I live, are around 60%. So what is the impact of living a less educated life? You don’t live as long.

While people are living longer overall, studies show that life expectancy has been declining for people without a high school diploma. What accounts for these divergent trends? Most likely, adverse selection. As more Americans graduated and go to college, high school dropouts became less like the average American. Unlike today’s average American, dropouts are burdened with problems that lead to higher mortality rates. Back in 1965, half of women aged 25 or older had not graduated from high school. By 2012, the figure was just 12 percent.  Today the least educated is the exception, not the rule.

This data is from one of my favorite online newsletters, American Consumers Newsletter by Cheryl Russell. Do you have a favorite resource for marketing intelligence? If you do, I would like to know about it so I can add it to the 50+ I monitor. What is your favorite online resource? Let me know. Have a great Labor Day weekend.

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