August 19, 2013

How do we find the “big win?” That’s a question I am often asked when helping with a company’s marketing. While a big win is great, I tell clients that big marketing bets can turn into big losers. Just take a look at the film industry this summer.

Disney recently warned Wall Street that it will lose $190 million on Johnny Depp’s “The Lone Ranger,” according to Variety. Last year, Disney booked a $200 million write down on “John Carter.” Disney CEO Bob Iger continues to bet big on his “tentpole” strategy, spending more than almost any other studio on movies aimed at creating a blockbuster.

Yes, some bets pay off. “Iron Man 3,” the top grossing film this year ($407 million), was a blockbuster. While I encourage companies to look for the big win, I also tell them they need to continue their investments in doing the little things right in marketing. That’s how you build a company for the future. What are you doing this week to invest in the little things that will make your marketing more powerful?

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