August 5, 2013

Native advertising is all the rage today. It is a web marketing concept where you provide valuable content within the user’s experience. It is the web answer to a print advertorial, a paid placement of content. The goal of native advertising is to provide interesting or useful information, so it doesn’t look like a banner ad, increasing the likelihood of click-thrus. My cooperative marketing effort, CraterLakeCountry.com, is a native ad platform.

Native ad formats include videos, images, articles, music and other media. Content marketing is another form of native advertising, which shows “other content you might be interested in” that is sponsored by a marketer alongside editorial recommendations (Wall St. Journal and all the major online news sources use this technique often.). Two forms of native ads exist, “open” and “closed.”

“Closed” are websites that create sponsored content only on their website. Examples: search engine ads next to search results, promoted Tweets, TrueView Video Ads on YouTube, Facebook’s promoted stories  and Tumblr’s promoted posts. “Open” is when your content appears on multiple sites. For example, Adyoulike, AdsNative, Sharethrough and Nativo are open native advertising platforms. Also, major media sources, like the Washington Post, now offer native advertising formats. Need help in making your ads go native? Contact me for a free review of your needs.

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