July 26, 2013

It’s a wonderful summer day. No major post today, but thought this was fun (from Amy Corr of MediaPost). It shows that there is no shortage of new advertising media.

Beard adWelcome to Beardvertising: Miniature billboards that clipped to men’s beards. Cornett-IMS, the agency that is willing to claim that they invented it, prefers to call the mini billboards “BeardBoards.” To date, close to 1,500 men worldwide are participating. Wow, the world economy is weak!

As a bearded person myself, I am not planning on giving up my day job just yet. Guys are paid $5 a day and they need to post proof online. So far, three brands have signed up for beardvertising including Dollar Shave Club and A&W Restaurants. If you want to test this new media, let me know, my beard is ad free for the weekend.

One comment

  1. With all the people you see in a day Mark, $5 would be a bargain.

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