July 18, 2013

Following my last post, here’s more bad news for customers. Most businesses are not customer-focused. A survey of global marketing and non-marketing executives (SAS/Economist Intelligence Unit, June 2013) reveals that only six in ten senior executives see their companies as customer-centric, and only 56% of senior executives have a clear understanding of customers’ tastes and needs. The report also highlights a real disconnect among business leaders on who should be the leader in creating a customer-focused culture. In most cases, it falls to the head of marketing (the Chief Marketing Officer).

But today’s head of marketing has a full plate. They are busy with advertising, brand marketing, product marketing, and all forms of communications. They are also expected to increase revenue by adding new customers. So how much time can they spend focusing on the customer? Not much and that’s a big problem.

In the study, when asked what marketing investments would be most important for improving business in the next three years, respondents listed customer analytics as the most important, followed by customer relationship management, and social media.

So, are these your top priorities? What research are you doing to understand your customer? How are you managing the customer experience? How are you creating value rich content for social media channels?

Most importantly, if you are head of marketing, are you translating and sharing customer insights with everyone in your business, so you have a company of customer advocates? I don’t see this happening. That is one reason why my customer service workshops are popular.

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