July 15, 2013

In its ongoing survey of the American workplace, Gallup found that only 30 percent of workers are “engaged, or involved in, enthusiastic about, and committed to their workplace.” That means that 70% of workers may not really give much thought to treating your customers well. The survey classifies three types of employees:

1) Employees that are actively engaged, which represents about 30 million workers,

2) Employees that are “not engaged,” which accounts for 50 million. These employees are going through the motions at work,

3) Employees that are “actively disengaged,” they hate going to work, 20 million workers.

Now, here’s something that might surprise you. Older employees and those with higher education have more discontent. Baby boomers are more likely to be “actively disengaged” than other age groups. Employees with college degrees are also more likely to be running on autopilot at work.

What about your employees? Do you need to look for new ways to stimulate and engage them, especially front-line employees that deliver your product? Good customer service starts with attitude, and this study shows that we have a long ways to go with improving people’s attitudes toward work.

One comment

  1. Interesting stats. That explains much of my bad experiences as a consumer with so many retailers! Have you seen this TED talk about worker motivation? Fascinating. Flies in the face of what most employers think will motivate their employees. Expectations on employees and BY employees are changing rapidly.

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