June 18, 2013

In my last post I commented that Metro Medford should be working more with Travel Medford. One reader interpreted my comments as being critical of Travel Medford. This was certainly not my intent. For the record, Travel Medford is a great supporter of a host of local marketing groups and events. My comment was to encourage Travel Medford and Metro Medford to work even closer together. After looking at both of their marketing efforts, I can see dozens of ways they could help each other. Also while Travel Medford could use more funding, compared to the Heart of Medford, they have a much larger and more stable funding source from room tax revenue.

Today I attended Travel Oregon’s quarterly Commissioners meeting in Klamath Falls. The Discover Klamath team did a great job of highlighting their community. It was also great to learn more about Travel Oregon’s updated strategic plan, outstanding plan (see it here), and the growing role that strategic partnerships are playing on a local, regional and statewide basis. It certainly validated my efforts to continue to develop regional cooperative efforts like CraterLakeCountry.com, which is helping 30+ local businesses increase their brand awareness.

A great topic for your next marketing meeting: Could you do more to leverage your marketing effort by working with others? I think the answer for every business is, yes. Often, creating strategic partnerships doesn’t involve spending more money. It involves integrating others into your existing marketing efforts (and vice visa).


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