June 7, 2013

One of the services my company offers is customer service training. A major theme of my workshops is that people don’t want good service, they want a memorable experience. A recent study from Synqera supports this approach. Their study revealed that two-thirds of Americans prefer to shop in traditional stores, rather than online, if the store offers a customized shopping experience.

Synqera, which sells a kiosk that prints in-store deals, has a vested interest in the research, so their study doesn’t meet my firm’s (DCG Research) standard for independent research. But their survey still shares insights that you may find valuable if you are in retail. Some key stats:

  •  76% would find the checkout process more enjoyable if they received personalized coupons at checkout.
  •  73% find waiting in the checkout line their least favorite aspect of in-store shopping.
  •  80% are more likely to shop in a store that provides an overall customized shopping experience.
  •  86% are more likely to shop in-store rather than online if there are in-store-only sale prices.
  •  75% make more purchases if they are in a good mood while shopping.

What are you doing to make sure people are in a good mood while shopping, have short checkout lines, in-store deals, and feel like they are getting a customized shopping experience? Good questions for next week’s staff meeting.

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