April 25, 2013

I love movies, but it’s been a miserable time at the box office. There have been only three hits since the first of the year: Oz the Great, Identity Thief, and now 42. Some of the biggest bombs have been efforts to take old guys like Sylvester Stallone (Bullet to the Head — $9.4 million) and Arnold Schwarzenegger (The Last Stand — $12 million) and make them relevant to a whole new generation.

What does this have to do with small business marketing? It’s a cautionary tale. If you have an outdated product you can’t always just re-package it and make it a hit. The movie business in 2013 seems to be afraid to provide fresh content and would rather re-cycle films that worked in the past (like Iron Man 3). How willing are you to innovate? Markets never stand still. If you stop innovating and embracing change, your box office won’t grow either.

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