April 22, 2013

I’m often asked what’s the best media today (internet, radio, TV, magazines, newspapers)? My answer is that you need to reach people via different media because people don’t use just one. Heavy users of one media do not necessarily spend less time with others. Now a study by Edison Research and Arbitron (the radio rating firm) confirms this.

This may seem counterintuitive. You would think that people who are heavy internet users (7 hours per day) would spend less time watching TV or listening to radio. Not true. The time they spend with TV (3:35 hrs vs. 3:33 hrs) and listening to radio (2:07 hrs vs. 2:04 hrs) is on par with the general population.

The same is true for heavy TV users. These TV viewers watch 8 hours and 16 minutes per day, but they spend more time on the internet (2:52 hrs vs. 2:38 hrs) and listening to the radio (2:12 hrs vs. 2:04 hrs) than the general public.

Bottom-line: there is still no perfect media. All media use is growing (primarily due to smartphones and tablets). You have to have a multi-media approach and be aware of the media habits of your best customers. For example, heavy internet users are younger (median age 33), TV users are older (median age 50) and radio users are in the middle (median age 42).

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