April 5, 2013

Few people get the opportunity to define their industry or win a Pulzer prize for giving a thumbs up, but film critic Roger Ebert did. He died this week after a legendary 46 year career.

I’m a big movie fan and Roger helped me love good and bad movies. When asked what movie he thought was shown over and over again in heaven, and what snack would be free and calorie-free there, he answered, “ ‘Citizen Kane’ and vanilla Haagen-Dazs ice cream.” Sounds like a wonderful reward for a life well spent.

If you’re in Ashland, Oregon, buy a ticket for their Independent Film Festival and honor Roger by going to see my friend Jim Long’s film: The Michael Maag Story: You don’t have to be able to stand in order to walk tall.   Happy viewing, sorry I won’t be there.

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